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Polar... the Final Fight.
Monday, January 08, 2007
As polar struggled to get back on his feet, he heard boulder scream as he hit his knees, holding his head. This was the time, Polar stood up straight, his broken bones sending a searing pain through his body without waiting for his pain to subside, plar charged the king, his anger and vengeance adding to his speed and power. On his stamppeed he heard go quiet and fall unconsious to the floor, that really added to his power and when he froze his hands over they had spikes comming from them. As polar reached the king he struck out, but the kings focus wasn't on boulder anymore giving him the speed to block polars attack. Polar though caught the king off guard with the opposite hand, and he kept punching his anger and sadness multiplying the number of hits he landed. Then the king got a mayjor hit in the chest, sending him flying into the wall of weapons, knocking them all on the floor. as the king stood he felt his chest plate fall away in pieces. Angrily he picked up a big evil looking sword and pointing it at Polar spoke half normal and half telepthacilly, "No more games, time to die!!!"

With his powers polar made two ice swords that grew out of each hand. As he gripped the frozen hilts he answered. "WE end this now!!" Right before he began running to meet the king for the final fight, polar noticed he no longer could see rose in the corner. He was about to look for her when the king charged, and in return polar ran out to meet his opponent. They met in the middle of the throne room, the kings massive sword shattering one of polars swords but being stopped by the next. Then to his annoyance the one he broke fixed itself. Polar pushed the kings blade away and began striking out with that of a beserker, his blades cutting armor and flesh alike. The king just grunted each time the ice bit into his skin, but he began to realize he was no match for this mutant, At least not in hand to hand combat. Polar disarmmed the king shortly after, tossing his sword away as he dropped to his knees.

"Time to end your evilness for all eternity!" Polar said walking up as he raised his swords.

"NOT YET!!" The king barked, and quickly placed his palms on polars abs. Polar yelped out in pain as all of a sudden all his ribs broke and began punchering all his organs.


The last thing the king saw as he turned was the twin blades flashing, before they cleaved his head from his shoulders. Polar smiled as he watched Rose drop the blade, shaking, and run to polar.

"Ha, i was suppose to be rescuing you!!" Polar coughed up blood as he chuckled.

"Ye'll be alright! " Rose said as tears came to her eye, as she wiped the blood away and watched his eye's close. "Don't leave me, p-p-please." But Polar didn't answer, he just layed there cold and limp, with the smile froze to his face............................................................................................................................


help : Boulder

Polar"s Attack
Saturday, December 30, 2006
As polar walks down the streets more people joined his army. When he turns the final corner and is faced with fortress tall, and dark, he takes little notice of the closed gates. Polar goes from the walk to a trot, with the mob matching every move. Then letting his anger and need for revenge come full force to the surface, he lets out a massive ROAR and begins running at full speed towards the gate. His muscles pumped, the vains stood out on every limb, and his eyes began to turn dark stormy blue. With his speed Polar was ahead quite a bit when he heard the guard give the order.


Screams went up behind polar as a cloud of death rained down onto them. Polar pushed the sounds from his head, and focused on one thing, Going through that gate. Polar then spotted a couple of the guards on the battlements trying to catch a glimps of the attackers, and that was the last glimps of anything they ever saw, as they fell backwards with ice spikes embedded in them. Then polar heard the guard give another order.


"Not this time" Polar thought to himself, as he put forth an extra burst of speed.

The gate held no chance against the rampaging titan, It broke from its hinges as soon as polar hit it. The gate acted as a giant stone fly swatter as it came crushing down onto some of the soldiers inside. As Polar ran inside the soldiers took a moment to come out of their shock. Six fell from spikes before they did, then as they rushed polar another four went down before they reached him. When they swarmed Polar he just laughed like a madman and began fighting with every ounce of strength in his body. He had taken a dozen more out, when the army finally arrived flooding in the gates. The sounds of metal hiting metal, and the screams of metal cutting into flesh could be heard through the heavens. Soon Polar remembered what he had come for and began to fight his way towards the castle doors. Polar was almost there when he heard a familar voice scream out.

"Sir watch out."

Polar pivoted on his heal when he heard metal bounce of something other than metal. There standing between him and a very confused looking soldier was a HUGE boulder, in the shape of a man. It took a while for this man/Boulder to figure out what had happened. Then with a big swipe of the back of his hand the man knocked the soldier into a bunch that had been grouping up on one man. When the thing turned around Polar couldn't believe it! It was Boulder, and he had just saved his life.

"why?" Polar wispered out.

"I want to help you get your friend Sir." Boulder said like he had just met Polar for the first time.

"I aint got time for this common!" Polar growled as he began fighting his way back towards the castle.

Polar and Boulder reached the door in short time, with boulder staying in his rock form, partly because he liked it, partly because he didnt know how to turn back. Once inside Boulder followed Polar as he took turn after turn inside the castle, He knew where Polar was headed, he remembered the maps from when matt told them to robert. As the two turned the last corner, there standing in the hall were two massive men, one had horns and the other had wings and a helmet.

"GET OUT OF MY WAY!" Polar growled. In response the one with the horns sent a fireball straight at Polar.

"Fine thats the way yer wanna play it!!" Polar said letting his anger fuel his muscles and power.

Polar sent and icespike that cut right through the fire ball and zoomed straight at the horned creature. Then he sent three more right behind that, but the man just swatted them aside, then him and the other began charging down the hall. Polar and boulder already knew who had who, They met opponents head on. The man with the wings had no chance against the two ton rock, Boulder knocked the man flat, and grabbing the man tossed him through the stone wall into another corridor. Polar on the other hand was having a more difficult time with his match, it seemed quite appearant that these two men were choosen for Polar and him alone, They hadn't expected boulder. Polar was just about to recieve a very very nasty hit from the fiery fist of his opponent, when suddenly he was plowed into the wall by Boulder. As Polar stood, he heard the creatures beggining to stand when he felt Boulder hit the wall with an earthquaking punch. The two creatures looked up, and then looked back down at Boulder and Polar in defeat as the roof of the corridor fell on top of them.

Polar ran to the throne doors and pushed and pulled but could not budge the oak doors. "Maybe together." Boulder suggested. Accepting Boulders idea Polar nodded and stepped back to charge the door. As they ran full speed side by side the earth shook with every foot fall. Just when they were about to hit the doors, the doors fly open inwards, sending the two rescuers into a sprawling motion as they tried to stop. They fell face forward on the hard granite and slid into the throne room. They couldn't believe what they saw as the doors quickly shut themselfs, and locked.....



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Rose.... Time to prepare.
Rose watched as the king sent out orders for his army, occasionally looking at her and laughing. her dreams the night before, had shown her images of Polar laying on the ground screaming her name. From the sound of the kings orders and demands it had seemed Her friend was comming to try an save her. unfortunatly she couldn't warn him of the trap his was running into. Though there was one thing that had put a small thorn in the kings plans. His advisor Orin, The one she heard him talking to the day before had left.

"I want all the men armed and ready! make sure the gates are locked! i will watch from here, with our little bait. KILL the mutant at all costs and bring his corpse to me." The king barked to his comander. " When they get in range have a few archers give them a nice surprise."

"Aye sir!" The comander saluted and marched out to carry out his orders.

"You girl, come here!" The king motioned for Rose to come to him.

"Go Ta Hell!!" Rose spat.

"been there.... NOW COME!!!" He barked, and suddenly she was being propelled towards him without any control. "Better. Now watch as your friend falls into my trap, and then i can claim his powers for myself." WIth a wave of his hand it seemed as Rose was looking at the front of the castle, gate and all from above, Except it was directly in front of her. Then the one thing she wished to see since her capture came into view, but it wasnt happiness that filled her stomach..

Her heart cried out to the man leading the army against her captors, She saw the archers pull back, and turned her head screaming " NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!"

Day 1.....Attack planning
Tuesday, December 26, 2006
Polar lets the man get close enough that he can hear his heart beat behind him. Polar quickly spins around grabbing the man and picking him up off of the ground. Polar letting his anger get the better of him grabs the man by the throat and begins to squeeze the breath from.

"st...op...." The man gasped out, but Polar wasn't gonna let go his anger was to intence. "" Hearing this Polar quickly releases the man, only for him to fall grabbing at his throat sucking in air deeply.

"You Said you could help me with Rose!!" Polar growled preparing to knock the man into the next century.

"....yes... me know folk.... who will help. they know things. " The man said still weakly breathing.

"And what do these people know?!" Polar asked the anger and revenge showing in his voice.

"one knows da castle inside. and the others will fight with ye, there's too many for ye alone." the man said now breathing normal again.

"...Fine bring all who is comming and everything you can get on the castle back hear tomorrow, if your lying to me i will kill you." Polar growled and stormed back into the house. The man ran off hearing wood break from the inside and being tossed.

Polar Broke off long pieces of timber from the house and long panels of the light wood and tossed em into a pile. With tears flowing down his face he picked up his dead friends and slowly walked them out the back, and gently layed them down next to each other. He then grabbed a shovel from inside and began to dig their graves. Each spade full of dirt increased his anger, and his want for revenge grew with every tear. When polar had finally finished the grave it was ten foot deep, ten foot long, and eight foot wide. his white hair was redish brown from the dirt that clung to it.
Then with the wood he had piled he made a twin coffin by laying it in pieces in the hole. Next he gently layed his friend nathanial and victoria side by side in the wooden makeshift box, and lowered the top onto the coffin. Polar then cried and wept deeply screaming into the night time and time again, that could be heard by all in the town. When the last tear fell from Polars eyes and he could cry no longer, he began to shovel the dirt back into the grave. As he patted the mound and stuck the marker with thier names on it, in the ground he made a promise to the night.


Polar spent the rest of the night planning his attack on the dark fortress in case the mystery man had lied. Polar laid down to rest up for the up comming fight, knowing it will take all he has to get rose back. As his eye lids slowly crept down he felt his body relaxing and his ears tunning to every sound.

Polars dreams were a troubled one, he kept hearing rose screaming for him and could hear a man laughing at him. Then it felt like a heard of rinos were stomping towards him, and then a little shake sent his bound muscles into action. Polar jumped up quickly and with lightning speed had the man who had woke him on the ground with an ice spike at his face. Then seeing it was the man from the night before, he shot the spike off into the wall and helped the man up. Once he had the man on his feet he noticed the swarm of people behind him with a mixture of swords, axes, knives, and clubs with metal pieces imbedded in them.

"Told ye i knew people." the man chuckled.

"ummm... yea i guess you do. umm...sorry bout just now and last night." Polar said with an apologectic smile.

"It ok, but lets use that ther anger on the king from now ay?" the man smiled back.

"Sure.. so what've ya got for me.........? " Polar asked motioning for the man to sit.

"haha Robert, me name is Robert. An me thinks ye like this." Robert chuckled as he pulled a big sheet of parchment from his robe.

"that's ... thats...." Polar couldn't believe it, there sitting in the dirt in front of him was a map of the inside of the castle.

"hahaha me know old guard, knows everything except the inside of throne room. " Robert laughed.

"Ok well those will be helpfull to me. Now how many folk are gonna be fighting with us?" Polar asked rolling up the maps for later study.

"We have a hundred of able bodies that want revenge against yonder castle." Robert replied gesturing to the rabble organized behind him.

"Alright, this is what we're gonna do..." Polar then laid out the attack plans for the battle comming up..... And when he finished he let Robert relay the demands to the people as he took the plans for the inside the castle, to the side and memorized every turn and every hall. He knew there'd be no time to study the map or make a mistake while inside. When Robert reported back, Polar let the anger and the need for vengence seep out as he threw the maps to the side and stood up to lead his army agaist the Dark fortress. He set out with a hundred and one men behind him. Little did he know, that he was gonna find a unknown relative......................

Rose meets the king.....
Sunday, December 17, 2006
Rose awakens slowly hearing someone talking to another person, "Thank you Orin, AH, she's waking." Before Rose could open her eye's the man orin had left, walking quickly trying everything not to be seen. As Rose's eyes began to focus the man who had been talking got up an strode softly over to her. The man was huge, he also had a wierd type of armor on. Rose tried to get to her feet but was stopped by chains holding her to the floor.

The man laughed, "So beautiful, yet so niave. Do you really think i wouldn't know what your thinking right now." As the man said this he tapped his forehead, " You see i can read your mind, hahahaha. You want to kill me huh?"

"Who are YE! and why are ye doin this??" Rose asked as she tugged at her chains.

"Oh you know who i am, hahahaha. i'm the one that sickens the town, i'm the one that is responsible for your parents murder, and i'm the one that's going to have your new friends powers after i kill him. hahahahahaha. Honestly i didn't really think to find a mutant of such power here, but it'll become mine soon." The man laughed evilly.

"What are ye talkin bout?" Rose asked half mad half confused.

"Ah he didn't tell you? ha. well you saw what he could do back at your home didnt you, and what he did to my gate guards? yes your friend is quite unique he is, and that is why i must have his power." The king explained.

"How'd ye knowed i saw anything?" Rose half asked, half lied.

"Ah no need to lie, my naive beauty. I can read your mind, like opening a book." The king laughed again, "Oh there's that killing emotion again. hahahaha, i'll tell you what, look over there on that wall." Rose slowly turned her head keeping an eye on the king, as her eye came to rest on the desinated wall, it also fell on to a mass assortment of weapons, Axes, swords, and knives. "If you want to kill me that bad, then here's your chance. Go, Grab any one of those and see if you can kill me. Oh my i almost forgot your chained, one moment." With a way of his hand the chains disappeared. "There that's better."

Rose shakily rose to her feet, keeping eyes on the king. "Go on now, we haven't all day!" He laughed. Rose backed over to the wall that hung the weapons, but not letting her sight leave the evil, grinning king. "Don't you worry about me doing anything beautiful i'll stand right here." He laughed again. slowly roses hands roamed over the weapons, as she slid he hands over something small she smiled and grabbed it of the wall and shot it towards the king. He stood there laughing as the small dagger flew towards him, at the last second the lord batted it away like batting a fly. "Oh poor luck beautiful, hmm.... try something heavier." Except Rose didn't grab anything, she figured out what he was doing. He was breaking her will to fight, and he had succeeded. Rose Just stood there with her head bowed weeping as the king laughed and walked back to his throne....................

Rosy captured.........
Saturday, December 09, 2006
"Hurry in der!" Victoria wispered as she shoved polar in a secret compartment in the wall. she had just close the door to the hiding spot as the front door was busted in. Rose and Victoria went and hid behind nathanial in fear of a heavy set man walking through the broken door, clad in full armor sword drawn and a wicked grin on his face. As he strode forward Nathanial caught sight of the small force the man brought with him, all armored as he was and swords at the ready.

"Now were is da other scum at?" The man asked in a purring voice.

"Wat other?" Nathanial questioned, putting a confused look as best he could on his face.

"hahaha don't wanna tell me huh? hahaha fine then, me get to take 'ittle missy over der and make her talk...hahaha" the man's evil laugh hit Nathanial and Polar like a pit of snakes.

"Don't ye touch her!! she aint done nothin to ya!!" Nathanial screemed as Polar watched though the board slits as nathanial stepped between him and Rose.

"Watch yer place peasant!! i have got full athority to kill who ever gets in me way to find him!!!" The man growled as he shoved nathanial to the side, and started towards Rose with a grin.

"I SAID DON'T TOUCH HER!!!" nathanial screem throwing himself at the man when he went to reach past victoria. It was a shock to polar how much nathanial could muster up, he threw the heavy set man against the opposite wall from polar, but as nathanial's anger got the better of him he rushed the man. Nathanial stopped inches from the man looking down in horror at the sword handle that grew from his stomach. Rose and Victoria screemed, Polar's blood started to boil, as The man pushed nathanial backwards, pulling the sword from the still wide eyed corpse.

"Stupid worm.." The man spat on the corpse, as he wiped the blood from his sword.

"Ye monster, I'll kill ye i swear it!!!" Rose screemed at the man, bringing his attention back to the two women.

"Oh ye will be doing somethin alright when i get me hands on ye..." The man started to grin that wicked grin again.

"Ye wont touch her!!" Victoria hollered grabbing an iron poker from near the fire place and running at the man.

The man laughed as victoria swung the weapon at him. He caught the weapon midswing and yanking it from her, he backhander her with his armored fist. Victoria flew against Polars wall and Polar heard the quick snap as her head hit the wood. The lifless form just slid down the wall to never walk the earth again. the man just shrugged and turned to the yelling form of Rose tears flowing freely down her fierce face as she showed her hatred for the man.

"Now, back to ye... Time to go!" The man grinned as he walked towards Rose.

The man only made it half way when he heard a growl of extreme power erupt from the wall to his side. He didn't even have time to raise his sword as the beast burst through, sending wood flying everywhere. Polar gripped the man tightly as he rammed him though the next wall, Polars eye's showing there was only revenge and hatred present. The heavy set man's breath got rapid as Polars hands froze over and began to freeze the armor around the man.

"let me go please... me meant no harm." The man blubbered as the ice slowly covered his armor creeping in the creases and onto him. The last thing the man heard before he died was polar screaming "WHY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"

"Polar!!!!! Help!!!!" Rose screemed as the gaurds started to pour in the door.

With another deep growl Polar hurled himself at the first group to pass the opening in the wall. Polar killed two just with his iced over hands and was throwing men left and right though walls. The guards began to surround polar, but even as the swords nicked and bit at his raging body Polar fought with the strength of group of elephants and with the fierceness of a lion. Another sword licked at his right arm bringing a stream of blood to it's surface, Polar quickly grabbed the man who held the weapon and with a growl flung him into the mob of soldiers still pouring in. Polar had many cuts from his fighting and swords still bit at him like a pack of hiennas, but he kept on, his eye's going deeper and deeper blue. Not knowing what he was doing Polar rushed another group of soldiers that were taking the place of the ones he'd already killed. It seemed as every one he took down ten more took thier place. Then a voice raised above the fight and Polar's mind snapped back into place for a second.

"POLAR!!!!!!!" Rose screemed as a group of soldiers grabbed her and dragged her away, the soldiers calling a retreat as they did.

Polar screemed at the top of his lungs and plunged towards Rose with all his strength, but with all his power and all his strength he could not compete with the soldiers numbers constantly throwing themselfs between Polar and Rose an her captures. As polar lost sight of Rose a howl rose to his lips as he shot forward ice spikes, which barried into the soldiers in front of him. Polar went to chase Rose's captures but they were gone. Polar howled as he dropped to his knees tears running down his face. He laid his face in his hands as he wept, but soon brought his eyes up to look at a gaint fortress and the hatred and revenge gripped at his mind again, as he realized that was where they were taking Rose. As Polar began to rise, he caught sight of a man walking up behind him..................

What a place....
Monday, December 04, 2006
As Polar walked down the street, he saw no cars heard nothing that even resembled a motor of any sort. There was a horse going by and apon it sat a man no bigger than polar, but clad in a metal armor and even had some on his horse. The man eyed Polar carefully as he trotted by, losing intrest after a while and began looking at some pretty girl walking in the opposite direction. "These must be the guards nathanial was talking about." Polar thought to himself. Not knowing which way to start polar was about to grab a passerby and ask when he caught the smell of the heavy set man before. Polar laughed to himself, if anyone could lead polar to his mismatched friends it be this fellow.

Polar dropped in line with some of the people headed that direction. and even though Polar kept his distance, he never let the man out of his sight. He watch as the heavy set man bullied his way through the crowd, but polar just politly slipped through each as silent as an assassin. The heavy set man led Polar to a big stone gate and wall that outlined the main castle sitting inside. The walls and gate were big enough, but the castle it self stood high in the air casting a gaint shadow over the town. A shiver went down polars spine as he looked up at the enourmous monument. Polar dragged his attention back to the man, he was just passing two men in the same garmets, laughing and joking with them (which wasnt a joke to polar, since they were talking of his bulling) and then the heavy set man said his goodbye and went further in. Polar came from around the small cart he'd been behind and walked towards the gate. When Polar went to pass the guards the formed an X with thier spears and other hands went to thier swords on their belt.

"where ye think ye going?" The guard on the right asked.

Picking up a little on the accent polar dropped into speach, " I be going to give me dues to yonder soldier."

"I think not, Peasants aren't allowing inside de walls, how bout ye give us da money and we let ye go!!" The guard on the left grinned.

"Me not give me money to the likes of ye, i'll be on me way then." Polar replied as he turned to leave, but the sound of metal commin from scabbard stopped him.

"I was'nt askin ye, i was tellin ye!!" the guard on the left pointing his sword at polar, "NOW give me thy money 'fore i cut ye down."

"Just try and take it scum!!!" Polar hollered dropping the accent, which for a second shocked the guards.

As the guard on the left snapped out of it, he swings his sword out at Polars neck. Polar being mutant easily dodges the piece of metal. Though polar was out of range of the sword the other guard was bringing his spear shaft down intent on Polars head. Once again polars abilities alerted him to the attack and attacker, Catching the shaft in his hand Polar yanks free the spear and uses it to deflect another sword swing from the other guard. As Polar dodges swords and lashes out with the spear butt, he notices a gathering of people of the village to whatch him fight.

after a while Polar began to get annoyed with the guards, and finally losing his patiance he lashed out with the spear butt laying out the right side guard, and as the left side swung the sword at Polars unprotected back a rock bounced off the guards head. Snarling the guard and Polar turn to see who the thrower was, To polars surprise there was a young girl no older than 18 or 19, picking up another rock she chucked it at the guard again. Once more the pebble struck true, and with his face turning red the guard started towards the beautiful but fierce girl, her eyes sending the challenge back to the guard.

"I'm gunna teach ye yer place, ye snot nosed brat!!!" The guard growled as he marched towards her. In answer to his threat another stone bounced off his forehead.

As the guard reached the girl, he raised the sword with only one thing in mind, But as the sword hit it's point in the air a piece of metal tapped him on the shoulder. As the guard turned his head to see what it had been, there was a blur of wood and the guard was out cold laying 15 feet away from the girl and where he'd been standing. Polar sighed as he threw the broken spear handle off to the side with the cheers of the villagers accomping him over to the girl. She was beautiful blue eye's black hair, and a will of a tiger. Polar thanked the girl and asked her to walk with him a bit. As they walked they made introductions, and Polar found out the girl was really nathanial and victorias daughter. Polar asked many questions about the fortress and this so called king, then he asked of his friends, how would he find out if they were here or not? The beautiful girl just answered question after question sometime giggling and sometimes giving the look of anger and talked in hatred of the king.

Polar and the girl arrived back at the house he left that morning in hopes of finding his friends, but now have made new ones, and if Polar had known how much trouble he had just brought them, he'd of told them to pack and leave while he gave the time to get away. Except polar didn't know all he could think about was the girl. Victoria greeted them at the door and ushered them in quickly checking the outside and closing the door. nathanial was sitting in the main room close to the fire.

"I warned ye son....." Nathanial spoke shaking his head, "Ye follered that guard, and got into some trouble, now de be looking for ye."

"I'm sorry i meant no trouble, but i wasnt going to just give them what they wanted cause they thought they were bigger." Polar replied in a medium tone.

"Well de won't be long commin, so we best hides ya. Ye too rosey! quite a trouble maker aint she polar? " As nathanial asked his question he turned in his chair, as Rose gasped and cried, Polar filled with anger. They had beat nathanial in search of Polar and Rose, though he did not tell them. Suddenly there was bagging on the door... TOO LATE....they were there!!!

Sunday, December 03, 2006
meanwhile back in normal time and reality............................

"DAMMIT" cove screams as sparks fly from portal ring. Cove grabs the extinguisher and puts out the small fire that just lit it self on the machine. Once the fire is put out Cove picks up his tools and begins modifing the parts on the portal. He starts pulling wires and recconecting them in different places, Then he rushes over to the console and begins messing with the wires there too. As Cove reconnects the last wire an electric shock zaps him back, "Damn". Cove after shaking the tingling feeling out of his arm starts to rummage through the debree of his lab from the explosion, then finds what he was looking for, another set of wires and connectors. "Don't worry guys i'll get yall back" cove mutters to himself working constantly and slowly cleaning away the wreckage of his lab. Through the rest of the night shouts and curses and mutters could be heard comming from the lab as the light stayed on constantly.